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Site News

Small banner update (May 4, 2017)

We have rolled out a small update to our banner, increasing the height of the first letters of each word.

Registration form fixed (Mar 12, 2017)

We have identified a severe fault with respect to the registration form, pinpointed to when the hashing system was changed. This is embarrassing, as there was no telling how many months had elapsed with this system in its broken state. At long last, this fault has been fixed.

Reshaun's second iPutt course now available (Feb 28, 2017)

In celebration of the reopening of Neverforum, Reshaun has released a second iPutt course. His course is downloadable from his website. It also comes with an updated version of the first course, which fortunately does not conflict with the version included in the official release.

Upon realizing how many pre-designed courses are currently in circulation, we are concluding that Random Courses do not work well with the limitations that are currently in place for Neverputt 1.6.0. The exceptionally high number of pre-designed courses available to play for the 16 course limit that exists in Neverputt necessitates that we leave Random Courses in indefinite stasis.